We solve business problems through communication.

Fundamentally we view communication as a key enabler of business outcomes. We are not tacticians, but are strategists committed to identifying root problems and solutions that generate transformative results.


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What We Do

We Mentor.

As your business takes shape and progresses through various stages it is inevitable that important decisions will need to be made. These decisions are often complex and sometimes it is important to get advice and support from independent sources.

We Coach.

Choosing the right business coach can help fast-track strengthening your business.  The role of a great business coach is to ask you the right questions and position you to decide for yourself where to take your business, and how.

We Mediate.

Mediation is a process where the parties in a dispute meet voluntarily to discuss their dispute with the help of an independent and accredited mediator.Contact us for a clearly navigated and efficient mediation process with great results.

What Does An Orange Have To Do With Conflict Resolution?

The undiscussables: Every organization has elephants — a known problem or situation viewed as undiscussable. The elephant in the room is difficult to address for various reasons, including power structures and cultural issues.

All our services can be delivered online.

There can be many reasons why you would choose virtual meetings over face-to-face. COVID-19 has brought regulations that limit our movements; but even before we had challenges with geographically distributed parties or meetings where health and safety was a concern. Whatever is right for you; we can deliver all our services online just as effectively as face to face. Ask us how.

Meet Thorsten

Principal Mentor and Owner of interpares

  • BBus (International Trade)
  • Business Mentor
  • Australian Mediation Association – Member
  • NMAS accredited