When there’s an elephant in the room, introduce him.

If you have an elephant in your workplace (or even at home), it’s time to not only notice it but also to name it and to take meaningful action to get rid of it.  Yes, this requires courage; but the payoff can be huge.

There are many reason why these conversations to address the “elephant” never happen:

  • Fear – that bringing it up could cost you credibility or your job
  • Comfort – that it’s easier to not make waves and just work around the problem
  • Underestimation – not realizing that the situation has bigger ramifications than one realizes
  • Apathy – not caring enough to address (“It’s not my problem.”)

The trick is figuring out how to kill the elephant in the room. It's not as hard as you think!

In never addressing the “elephant in the room” a general uneasiness and untrustworthy environment settles in that can wreak havoc throughout the organisation.

It’s imperative that any conversation that needs to be had to address those “elephants” occurs. In order to break the silence and overcome the anxiety to have straight talk, you can use the following tips to get the discussion out in the open:

  1. NAME IT – once you name it, you can openly talk about it.
  2. GET IDEAS FROM TEAM MEMBERS – on how to deal with it.  The more ideas, the better.
  4. GET BUY-IN from ALL team members on next steps.
  5. STEP FORWARD TOGETHER by taking meaningful action.